Reporting Sexual Assault

The Wisconsin National Guard takes all allegations of sexual assault, harassment or misconduct seriously, and we do not tolerate it in our ranks. Our number one priority is to take care of the victim and ensure they are protected, treated with dignity and respect, and provided support, advocacy and care. The Wisconsin Guard is committed to providing compassionate care for victims, and protecting the rights and privacy of survivors.  Victims of sexual assault within our ranks are afforded the option of filing a restricted or unrestricted report of sexual assault, no matter if the incident was in a military or civilian setting.

The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program was implemented DoD wide in 2005.  This national, high-visibility program includes mandated procedures to ensure leaders at all levels are accountable and strictly adhering to SAPR policies, promoting a culture where sexual assault is not tolerated.

The 115th FW currently has two Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Coordinators (SARC) and six Victim Advocates on staff who are professionally accredited by the National Organization for Victim Assistance, which is a non-affiliated third party to DoD.  These individuals are specialty-trained to respond to victims of sexual assault and assist them with obtaining the resources and support they need through the reporting and criminal investigation process.

The 115th FW actively encourages a culture of reporting and seeks to foster an environment where victims feel comfortable coming forward. With that said, victims can report a sexual assault as a restricted or unrestricted report.

Restricted Report Process: If a member decides to make a restricted report, their specific information remains confidential and leadership is generally not given specifics of the case.  The intent of this type of reporting is to create a safe place where the victim can have access to care and support, but remain private.  The SARC and victim advocates assist the victims during this time and have a privileged relationship.  Due to the confidential nature of this type of reporting, no formal charges or investigations are initiated.  If the victim decides to pursue punitive actions, the report can be converted to an unrestricted report.

Unrestricted Report Process: If the member would like to proceed with disciplinary or criminal actions, the victim will file an unrestricted report.  Within 24 hours, chain of command will be notified and the local commander must refer all reports to the appropriate Military Criminal Investigative Organization, civilian law enforcement organization, or National Guard Bureau, Office of Complex Investigations.  Throughout the investigation, SARCs and Victim Advocates continue to support victims as needed.  In addition, during the investigation process, the military can assist the victim, if applicable, to ensure that they are in a safe environment while the case is pending.

The 115th FW seeks to continue a culture where victims feel comfortable coming forward.  In addition to the SAPR program, military members are encouraged to utilize support services available to airmen and their families.

These services include:

Chaplains Corps

Psychological Health

Medical Specialists

Equal Opportunity Office

Inspector General Office

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