Generations XYZ and Spiritual Resiliency

Did you ever consider that God has children, but no grandchildren? Now, while fully acknowledging the philosophical and psychological critiques of both Nietzsche and Freud respectively, it is not my intent to address their critiques of imaging God as a divine paternal (or even maternal) parent. But from a spiritual resiliency perspective, did you ever consider that God has children, but no grandchildren?


Peter Kreeft, one of my favorite contemporary philosophers, states that, “Few things can be more important than the faith of the next generation… not just faith in anything, but the Faith, the one God invented, not us. And the Faith is not automatic (it doesn’t just ‘happen’), nor is it genetic (God has no grandchildren); it must be rediscovered, reaffirmed, chosen, and kept anew by each generation.”


The followers of Plato and Aristotle listened attentively as students of the ancient Academy. The ancient Rabbis Hillel and Gamaliel had a following of students. Even the two great disciples of Jesus – known from antiquity as Peter and Paul – shared their Faith with the next generation of disciples.


Baby Boomers. GenXers. Millennials. Post-Millennials. God has children, but no grandchildren. Faith is not automatic nor is it genetic. How have you grown in your own spiritual resiliency today? How have you ensured the Faith of the next generation tomorrow?



Ch O


Chaplain, (Maj.) John O’Brien

115th Fighter Wing Chaplain Corps

Truax Field, Madison, WI


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