“Rivalry Run” to Raise Funds for USO

Phi Gamma Delta will run 90+ miles across Wisconsin from Iowa to Camp Randall Stadium with a football to raise funds for the USO.

In the few short years since I joined the service, I have been amazed at how much of an impact the USO has been to me, my friends, and fellow brothers in arms. For example I missed my connecting flight in Dallas on my way to training and was stranded in the Dallas airport with nowhere to go. Not only was I in an unfamiliar place, and going to be late to crucial military training, but it was only my second time flying. The USO was there with a warm and comforting place for me to relax, watch movies, eat a few snacks, and ease any anxieties I had.

Currently, I am on the philanthropy committee for my fraternity, Phi Gamma Delta commonly known as Fiji, and decided this was a great opportunity to bridge the gap between our unit, the university, and my chapter. I am very excited to be able to contribute to an organization that has given me so much and recruit other young men to do same.

Our Fall philanthropy, “Rivalry Run” in which our Madison chapter teams up with the chapter from the University of Iowa to run a football from their stadium to ours. The event starts in Iowa City Friday night, Nov. 10th, and concludes in Madison,Wisconsin, Saturday morning Nov. 11th. The Iowa chapter runs the football to the Iowa border, where they hand it off to the Wis. chapter to begin the 90+ mile run back to Camp Randall stadium, in pursuit of Camp Randall. Our fraternity has done this event for five years, and have been donating to the USO for the past three years.

Last year alone, our chapter consisting of 130 members helped to raise $18,300, all of which went to the Wis. USO. This year, with a much smaller chapter we are still pushing to raise $17,500. Many of the military members I know have experienced first hand just how much the USO does for us, and the other troops here in Wis. I’m excited to finally have a pivotal role in helping such a fantastic organization.

As an Airman, student, and man it means a great deal to me to be able to do this event. Within our fraternity we have one Army ROTC member, one Marine ROTC member, one Army National Guard member and myself, all together we are proud to give back. In addition, I speak for all members of my chapter that I am incredibly grateful to provide to support the USO and all that it stands for.

Members of Phi Gamma Delta pose will run 90+ miles across Wisconsin from Iowa to Camp Randall Stadium with a football to raise funds for the USO. (Airman 1st Class Mortensen first row right)

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