Serving with Honor – Chapter 5: Fight to Win

Primary sources of drive for myself:

Desire to do my best

Desire to be number one

Desire to serve others

Desire to honor God

Desire to see the team succeed (WE not ME!!)

Passion for what I’m doing


If your drive is too intense or too weak, in what ways might you be hurting the team?

*To intense – may promote “steamrolling” or my desire to win at all costs. Place personal desires over the team’s success.

*To weak – unable to properly convey vision and provide clear direction


How could you find out how you are affecting others?

*Ask – Be SINCERE when requesting feedback from co-workers, mentors, and employees. Then don’t be offended if you get what you asked for!!


Does your drive tend to “beat people down” or “lift them up”?

*Mentor and lift


How important is it for you to increase the motivation and confidence of others?

*Motivation – we must motivate and not just direct. When our subordinates have a clear understanding of our vision they will get behind it and increase our productivity and success exponentially.

*Confidence – Realize there are many ways to “skin the cat”. My way may not be the best way. Ensure subordinates feel empowered to facilitate change for improvement sake. Feel proud when former subordinate’s success exceeds yours!!


What can you do to increase the motivation and confidence of others?

*Train, mentor, praise in public/counsel in private. Give control, and then credit.


CMDR Denton kept torture team occupied for the benefit of his fellow prisoners.

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