(headroom: [hed-room, -roo m] noun: the space between the top of your head and a ceiling or roof when you are standing or sitting, so as to allow comfortable passage or occupancy)


Head/ROOM: a monthly, on-line, Q&A column to help you manage life’s stressors

We can all use a little more Head/ROOM when life becomes crowded with tough problems, intolerable situations, complicated relationships, and unexpected curve balls.

When all you want is a straightforward answer, honest feedback, useful input, or a fresh point of view; Head/ROOM will give it to you. You can safely email your questions to toheadroom@gmail.com and be assured of complete confidentiality. The email account is private, no names are used, and no replies are sent back to your email without your permission.

The author of Head/ROOM is Patricia Weiner, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who currently serves as the Director of Psychological Health for the Wisconsin Air National Guard units based at Truax and Volk Fields. Patricia has over 12 years of experience working with children, adolescents, and families. Her areas of expertise include relationships, parenting, divorce, child and family development, trauma (PTSD), and crisis prevention.