Combined Federal Campaign


The 2015 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is now in its open season!

You’re driving home from work. You pass a school and see a little girl getting on the bus. We just had our first snowfall and the temperature has dipped down below forty. The little girl is not wearing a coat. Her backpack is torn. And her shoes are worn-out with holes. She is shivering. She looks sad to be leaving school. She will miss the warmth. But then she remembers she doesn’t have to sleep in her mom’s car tonight; they just moved into a shelter. And so she smiles to the teacher helping her on the bus and says, “See you tomorrow Ms. Smith.”

After reading this story, you might be thinking “What can I do to help children like this little girl? What can I do to help my community, my nation, or people around the world?”

“What is the CFC?”

The CFC is a coordinated fundraising effort for a variety of charitable organizations. It is the only authorized solicitation of Federal employees in their workplace on behalf of approved charities. There are several chapters within the national level Combined Federal Campaign. Our local chapter is the Badgerland CFC.

“Why is the CFC important?”

The CFC helps support thousands of charities at the local, national, and international levels. Its mission is to support philanthropy through a cost efficient, streamlined system. The donor is able to choose the charity and make their contribution in a convenient and easy way. Because there are few overhead costs through the CFC, more dollars make it to the important programs. The charities supported by the CFC focus on people – the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the disabled, children and families, and the environment. Every dollar matters. $1 per week can purchase one acre of unprotected tropical rainforest.

“How can I help?”

It is easy to donate. There are two ways you may contribute. You may complete a paper pledge form or you can submit an electronic pledge form online.

Paper Pledging (Anyone – DSG, AGR, Technicians): Complete the paper donation form and return it to 2d Lt Danielle Lawrence in building 503, room 117. You can search for charities in the Badgerland CFC Catalog of Caring PDF file or a hard copy of the CFC Catalog.

Payment: Full-time employees (AGRs and Technicians) may elect to have a payroll deduction. Traditional, Drill-Status Guardsman (DSG), may make a one-time contribution with a check. Please make checks out to the Combined Federal Campaign and return it to 2d Lt Lawrence with your pledge form.

Online pledging (AGRs and Technicians only – payroll deduction):

1. Go to the Badgerland CFC website at .

2. On the top banner of the Badgerland CFC website, start by clicking on the ‘Search CFC Charities’ tab.

3. Next, Search and select a charity. Write down the 5-digit code.

4. Then, click on the ‘Make Your Pledge Online Now’ icon (in red above) to start giving. If you already have a charity in mind and have the 5-digit charity code, you make click on the Pledge Online icon from the Badgerland CFC homepage.

5. You will then be rerouted to the Badgerland CFC Nexus site. Click Register, if you do not already have an account. Register if necessary, log in as a user, and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your donation.

If you need assistance, please contact your CFC Group Representative or 2d Lt Lawrence. Additionally, there are step-by-step guides and videos on the CFC Nexus page ( Go to Main Menu, Help and Training.

Help us reach our Wing goal of $5,000 in donations.

Deadline to contribute: December 11, 2015.


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