Rain or shine

I opened my car door to a cool, wet mist. By the time I walked to the office, I was over it. There was no way I was going to run outside today.

But, it wasn’t up to me.

After asking my supervisor if we could just workout to a video instead of running in the rain, and getting a firm “no”…I realized I was destined to be drenched from head to toe.

Sure enough, we exited the building into a windy, wet, downpour. We hadn’t even gotten to the front gate before water droplets were falling off the tip of my nose, my pants were suctioning themselves to my legs, and my socks were soaking wet – water squishing disgustingly between my toes.

But…we did it – all 3-miles….done.

As I sit here a few hours later, now completely dry and warm, I realize it wasn’t that bad. The rain slowed down and our run was over in a heartbeat.

Had it not been for my supervisor motivating me to get out there though, I wouldn’t have gone. I would have come up with any excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t run today.

Those of you who know my supervisor, know that he is a man of his word. A few weeks ago I made a pact with him to run 30 miles per month, up until my 30th birthday, and he hasn’t let me live that one down.

He cares about my health and my goals, and makes sure to motivate me along the way. Even if my pace is half as fast as his is, he’s there to cheer me on the entire way!

I had a different blog topic planned for this week, but after today’s soaking wet journey – I felt it was important to share a personal story on the amazing leadership we have here in the Wisconsin Air National Guard! We don’t have to face our goals on our own, we have leaders who are here to motivate us and lead us to succeed!


 Photo obtained from http://cdn.shape.com/sites/shape.com/files/styles/list_images_300x300/public/media/running-shoes.jpg?itok=W4Ea_yS8

About Tech. Sgt. Andrea F. Rhode

Tech. Sgt. Andrea F. Rhode is a photojournalist for the 115th Fighter Wing in Madison, Wisconsin.