Fiscal Year 2015 comes to an end

We just closed out fiscal year 2015… THANKS to the entire Badger Air Militia team for another extremely productive year for the 115th Fighter Wing. It was a very busy year, but we continued to accept many challenges and perform very well throughout the entire wing. Our operations tempo remained high with aviation package deployments to Kadena, Volk Field & Poland. FY 15 saw incredible teamwork demonstrated in support of deployment operations that enabled our global reach. We deployed 452 airmen and 157 short tons of cargo to Japan, Poland, England, Germany and Volk Field. The strength of our deployment machine, comprised of 13 Unit Deployment Managers, 98 Personnel Deployment Function (PDF) personnel, and 103 Cargo Deployment Function (CDF) personnel, provides us the foundation to support sustained increased ops tempo. Many other Airmen were also deployed for CERFP exercises, Silver Flag, FSS Deployment for Training & Expeditionary Combat Support.

We continue to execute ACA in support of Homeland Defense, and NORAD IG rated our ACA execution as “Mission Ready” with strong feedback throughout all areas. There is no doubt we are focusing and improving our mission readiness.

FY 15 was a strong year financially for the 115 FW. Thanks to the Financial Working Group, Resource Advisors, and Close-out Committee, we were able to capitalize on significant end of year NGB fallout funds. Our goal is to have an even more prosperous FY 16, so I challenge all 115 FW organizations to have initiative and develop aggressive financial plans to acquire equipment and work area modifications to increase our mission readiness and provide an even better work environment.

We are working on refining the 115 FW Mission, Vision & Priorities (MVP) document. This is being developed at all 115 FW command levels. The goal is to finalize this document in the next few months to provide emphasis on our wing priorities and to set specific annual objectives. Part of our look ahead will also include reviewing our Installation Development Plan (IDP). The IDP is our master plan as we posture our facilities for the next 10-20 years. Please take the opportunity to access current and future mission opportunities and communicate to your commander required changes to our facilities.

There will be a 115 FW Dining Out on 7 Nov. First, thanks to the team of Airmen with the vision and initiative to organize this event. Second, I encourage you to attend. This will be a great night of professional development and camaraderie. The guest speaker is Col (retired) Lee Ellis. Col Ellis served as an Air Force fighter pilot flying fifty-three combat missions over North Vietnam. In 1967, he was shot down and held as a POW for more than five years in Hanoi and surrounding camps. He is an award-winning author, leadership consultant, and expert presenter in the areas of leadership, teambuilding, and human performance. Col Ellis’ latest book is Leading with Honor: Leadership Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton. The 115 FW purchased many copies of his book and distributed to the groups. I challenge every 115 FW Airman to read this book. Please see your commander, get a copy, read it, and pass it on to your peers. I learned a lot from reading it and continue to be inspired, motivated and humbled. In addition to being our Dining Out guest speaker, he will provide two opportunities during the Nov UTA to hear his story and learn from his experiences. Col Ellis developed and will discuss his 14 leadership lessons. Here are a few highlights from his book and what you can expect:

Regarding Col Ellis’s leadership lessons: *I know they work. That’s why I’m excited about this book. I really believe that it can change people’s lives, change organizations, and change leaders for the better.

Leading with honor and living with honor is the right thing to do. It’s good for our culture and society, and it’s the best way to lead; because it’s about valuing others and walking in humility. Everybody wants to be with leaders that have humility and strength. If they have a vision, then people are ready to follow them.

Now, today we have some difficult challenges in leadership; I face challenges—all leaders do. But, these lessons have been proven in the most difficult circumstances where the leader had go eyeball to eyeball with the enemy physically, mentally, and emotionally every day.

As a leader, you’re going to face chaos and difficult decisions. Challenges are going to be right and left. The business world is changing, and competition is coming faster. People look for something that they can hold on to in those times—anchor points.

You can’t do this alone. It’s too difficult. You need encouragement. I need someone I can bounce this off of, to fight as a team.

Thank you all for your service, hard work, mission focus and the sacrifices you make to defend our freedom. Thank you to your families, friends and employers as they make sacrifices on a daily basis to support us. You’ve sustained our Nation’s highest priority mission of Homeland Defense and continue to make the 115 FW even better, and I am incredibly proud of you and the entire 115th Fighter Wing.


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