New DPH in town

Patricia Weiner is the new 115 FW Director of Psychological Health.

Mrs. Weiner began her new duties on 27 July after relocating from Denver Colorado. She graduated with her Masters of Social Work from the University of Denver. Her specialties include trauma response and recovery with extensive experience treating PTSD, crisis management, and working with children and adults who struggle with trauma-related mental illness, as well as drug abuse, self-injury, abuse and neglect, or family violence. Over the last several years she has been responsible or both mental health program management and development.

Get to know her a little better by reviewing the Q&A below……

What led you to this position?

1000 miles of an automated female voice saying things like “In a quarter mile, take Exit…”

What is one thing you want Airmen to know about you?

I will not be scared off by stories about Wisconsin winters, even if I do have to attach a flag to my beloved Mini Cooper so I can find it in the snow.

What did you do before coming to Wisconsin?

I dreamt about coming to a place like Wisconsin where the three primary food groups are cheese, fried cheese, and mac and cheese.

What kind of services does the Director of Psychological Heath provide?

I will provide whatever DPH-like service it takes to have someone on base this winter lift my Mini Cooper over a snow bank and onto the road.

All kidding aside, three things led me to this position: education, experience, and a sense of duty. I received my Master of Social Work from the University of Denver, with a special certification in Trauma Response and Recovery. My experience has made me an expert on the subject matter of psychological stress injuries, trauma-informed care, and crisis intervention and prevention. However, my greatest motivation to be here derives from my increasing awareness since 9/11 of your sacrifices and my sense of duty to respond to your needs in return. What I want you to know about me is that I will be your most powerful advocate. I never give up and I never judge. I believe in your wellness, not your illness; and will seek out your strengths, not your vulnerabilities. I respect that you are an individual with highly personalized experiences and needs, deserving of my complete attention and understanding. I hold your rank and achievement in high regard and am in awe of your courage. I am here for you, for your families, for your units, and for the Guard. I am here to support, counsel, coach, or consult; to foster your well-being, strengthen your resources, and promote your readiness. I thank everyone for making me feel so welcome here and now it is my turn to welcome you.


Trish Weiner

office: 608-242-4310 cell: 608-234-8820


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