SAPR video production = public affairs adventure

SAPR PSA Image 2

It’s not every day I get to powder a chief’s nose or the foreheads of officers and Airmen from around base, but two weeks ago I got to do just that. To make them look pretty? —Nope…just to reduce the shine that bright lights and cameras can portray.

Call me Airman Rhode…or make-up artist Rhode – whichever you prefer. Welcome to public affairs.

We were tasked to develop a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response video. By “we” I mean Master Sgt. Paul Gorman – I just like to include myself on his fun projects!

The script/video concept was distributed by the National Guard Bureau public affairs, so that part of the project was a piece of cake. Once the lines were divided, the casting calls began.

Our main objective was to make sure we incorporated a variety of officers and Airmen from different work areas. Capt. Kristin Boustany, our PAO and the Wing’s Sexual Assault Response Coordinator, divided up the lines, chose people to represent the base, and sent emails to those select individuals. Everyone willingly accepted the challenge.

That alone says a lot about our base and the quality individuals we work with every day. I’ve been employed at jobs where people were directed to spread important messages and declined – either worried about their reputation or didn’t care enough about the important messages out there. Here, it wasn’t an issue at all – in fact, it’s never an issue. If the ANG says a topic is important – whether it’s sexual assault, social media safety or suicide prevention – our Airmen work hard to spread the important messages regarding each topic.

Filming began at 0900 and continued in 30-minute increments until everyone passed through their lines. Then, they were lined up together to spread a unified message in unison, “It’s our responsibility.”

Once everything was recorded, the editing process began. Knowing Master Sgt. Gorman and his work ethic, he was here all weekend wrapping it up because somehow it was magically done when I got in after the weekend!

Kudos to our Airmen for their contributions, kudos to Master Sgt. Gorman for pulling it all together, and kudos to those who listen to the message in the video and help to stop any sexual assault cases before they happen.

About Tech. Sgt. Andrea F. Rhode

Tech. Sgt. Andrea F. Rhode is a photojournalist for the 115th Fighter Wing in Madison, Wisconsin.